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The Spyderco Delica 4 is solid, proven, and made with excellent blade steel. No comparison to me. I saw the tendency to compare Para3 with Sage5 or Para2.Lock and steel aside I think the real competition is between Para3 and Delica4.Why would you favor one over the other as your daily user ? With that said, I think that the no-nonsense approach of Opinel folding knives embody this sentiment especially since the Victoria and Albert Museum declared the Opinel knife one of the 100 best designed objects in the world in 1985. Spyderco Knives: Delica 4 and Endura 4. DELICA 4 RELIABLE HIGH PERFORMANCE The Delica has been a mainstay of the Spyderco product line since its introduction in 1990. Last one . First introduced in 1990, the Spyderco Delica has been an EDC mainstay for three decades, and is commonly found clipped to the pocket of many knife nuts. Overheard at the end of the ice age, “We’ve been having such unnatural weather.”. Support the channel! 2.5mm stock vs 3.8mm stock. First of their kind on the market, both folders opened up the knife market to lightweight performance, one-hand open pocketknives that just about everyone could afford. Sage5 and most of the other 3" blades are 3mm stock. Delica® 4 FRN Black C11BK $120.00 MSRP. Photo included. The 4th gener… $84.00. $60.90. So I'm considering buying a new knife for daily useage. Spyderco Counterfeits, Clones, Replicas, etc. Want to support the ppdangler project? The Spyderco Delica 4 has a blade designed from VG-10 steel, which is rust resistance, takes a fine edge, and easily sharpens… VG-10 blade steel originated from Japan and was initially marketed for Japanese chefs, but knife-manufacturers instantly saw the steel’s utility as a pocket knife blade material. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I use a Delica or Para 3 often at work. I carried it exclusively for about a month when it was new, then switched back to my What knife do you guys use for daily carry/useage? I'd say it's a 3 way tie for my favorite. The Delica has a lightweight FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handle with skeletonized stainless steel liners and a strong back lock mechanism. A thin, gently tapered edge is tuned for fine tasks and frictionless edge hone, but the overall depth of the blade lends strength and confidence. I think the consensus was that there must have been a machine doing the etching in Seki that was off kilter for a while. It and its larger counterpart, the Endura, pioneered the concept of lightweight, clip-carry, one-handed folding knives and were instrumental in popularizing fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) as a handle material. Currently I'm using an ozark trail knife that I bought for $5 at Walmart. I had the Para 3 in my hand on a knife shop and I liked it, but not more than the Delica. Free shipping. I'm a huge Delica fan. Don't worry, I had a delica in zdp with the exact same wierd etching. PM2 Camo DLC S30V - Chaparral XHP - Delica 4 VG-10 -Manix 2 LW CTS BD1 - Manix 2 LW KC Exclusive XHP - Tenacious 8Cr13MoV - Dragonfly VG10 - PM3 Sprint Cruwear Light Gray G10 - K08 Santoku Top TomAiello Mr. Sal, thank Your for answer. Free shipping . $84.00. I like the 50/50 choil on the Para and the Native. Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most! The handle features screw construction for quick, simple cleaning and adjustment. Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Folding Knife 2.9" VG10 Blade Green FRN Handle. $184.21. Spyderco Counterfeits, Clones, Replicas, etc. I also love the slim, classy shape of the Chaparral and the XHP steel. I'm one of those guys who uses the finger choil _a lot_ because I frequently (for work) have to cut small rubber bands that are tightly wrapped around fabric, without damaging the fabric. C188CFBBKP Spyderco Dog Tag Folding Knife Carbon Fiber/G-10 Black S30V Blade NIB. Native 5 s110v Lightweight . $84.00. The ergos and the thinner blade stock make the delica a winner... Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most! This is one of the tasks that led me to spyderco in the first place (so much easier to do this with a Manix than a Griptilian), and also why the HB Dragonfly is the best knife of all time for this one (super specialized) task that I have to perform multiple times every work day. Made in Japan; available in limited quantities. Added to the blade's spine is slip resistant jimping. From the Spyderco website: HAP40 is a high-speed tool steel produced by the powder metallurgy process. Spyderco Delica 4. I've had this knife for several years. The Delica features a leaf shaped blade, and is defined by its large thumb hole. I’d say the best comparisons would be Para 3, Delica and Chaparral. Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Knife 2.9 Flat Ground VG10 Blade Purple FRN Handle. I own a couple of delica's but find that I pocket the native when it comes down to it. It's a perfect EDC. The FRN scales utilize Spyderco's patented Bi-Directional Texturing to keep your hand from slipping under pressure. Description Spyderco: Delica 4 Lightweight - Blue FRN - K390 - C11FPK390 The Delica 4 is the Spyderco's most fine-tuned iteration of this ever-popular locking folder. I'd pick the Para 3 on the ergonomics. Love the grip when using the choil. Delica would be my choice. Last one. PM2 Camo DLC S30V - Chaparral XHP - Delica 4 VG-10 -Manix 2 LW CTS BD1 - Manix 2 LW KC Exclusive XHP - Tenacious 8Cr13MoV - Dragonfly VG10 - PM3 Sprint Cruwear Light Gray G10 - K08 Santoku. The handle features screw construction for quick, simple cleaning and adjustment. The center layer of the full-flat-ground blade is made from HAP40—an advanced high-speed tool steel produced by the powder metallurgy process. I love how stout the PM3 is, a heavy duty utility knife, and the compression lock is a favorite. C10ZFPGR Zome Delica® 4 Lightweight Green This unique expression of the Delica 4 Lightweight combines all the features of this best-selling model with a multi-colored hand-dyed “zome” handle. I like the ergos of the Para3 more, but it really hasn't grown on me yet. It was first to be a one hand opening affordable, quality folding knife.They have been improved through the years and you will find lots of variety in today's offerings. By using Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon handles, they give the knife durability and weight-reduction all in one. The deep but narrow blade is its most salient characteristic. I've been rotating between the delica, native, and para. model C11PBK. I love the feel of the Para 3 and the compression lock. Overview. The Spyderco Delica 4 and Delica 4 SS, Endura 4 and Endura 4 SS knives are improved versions of the original Delica and Endura Spyderco knives-featuring beefy blades made of VG10 stainless steel, with notched thumb rests and larger opening holes. This limited-edition Sprint Run combines the proven features and benefits of the popular Delica 4 Lightweight with a laminated blade crafted from HAP40 and SUS410 steels. SP11FPK390: C11FPK390 Delica 4 Lightweight K390 Spyderco With that spirit in mind, they are proud to announce that they are offering a number of best-selling models with blades crafted from K390. That's just me though, everyone will have their own preference. Discuss Spyderco's products and history. I don't like choils and although I can use them I prefer if they aren't present. But, somehow my Delica gets more pocket time than either of them.

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