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Bunga and Ono remind him that they haven't seen him yet, and when Beshte questions them, Bunga admits that he finds his friend to be 'unBungalievable'. Fortunately, Bunga is rescued by Ono (whose sight is damaged in the process). The lion then goes against his father's wishes and places his paw on each of his friend's shoulders, to give them the Mark of the Guard. Disney Store Junior Bunga Plush The Lion Guard Small 9 1/2" Stuffed Animal NWT. Seeing Baliyo yawning, Kion notes the Night Pride could use some rest. Despite these negative traits, she was willing to join the Lion Guard with her friends to defend the Circle of Life when Janja and his clan invaded the Pride Lands. Free shipping . Jake | Luisa | Oxana Hauntley | Ono reports that Mbeya the rhino is stuck in the mud at Lake Matope, and the Guard goes to save him, Kion quickly ordering Reirei to stay away from the aardvarks' dens and food before he leaves. After the rescue, the Lion Guard takes a breather, and Kion goes to talk with his grandfather, Mufasa. Three slightly darker spots can be found on either side of his face. Island Owl, Special Agent Oso Bunga presents his uncles with Utamu grubs. He leads the Guard away. Billy Bevel | The cave soon seals itself from the inside. Olaf | Chrysta | Beshte accepts their apology, and confirms that they were always friends when Bunga asks if they're friends again. Telling everyone to get behind him, including a confused Azaad, Kion uses the Roar to widen the passage, allowing them all to take the fast route. Bunga followed the two friends around until Timon made him climb a tree to fetch some Utamu grubs. Kion expresses reservations about checking on Ushari. Bunga finds the perfect spot to relax, though Rafiki warns him not to. Askari tells Kion that he has truly mastered the roar by letting it go. Simba then arrives to see the new Guard, but soon tells Kion that the Lion Guard has always been made of lions. Bunga and Ono establish their reasons, and Fuli decides to see if Kion believes Beshte, to which Kion responds with 'I do'. Bunga first appears in the film when he and Kion play Baobab Ball on Pride Rock and end up disrupting Kion's father Simba who is teaching Kion's older sister Kiara about being future Queen and so go out into The Pride Lands to continue their game, but the Baobab fruit ends up falling into The Outlands. Crackle | Kion suggests guarding it in case the hyenas return, much to Bunga's surprise. He thinks they are cute and likes it to babysit as seen in Babysitter Bunga. Peso Penguin | After a bit of banter, their game continues with Mtoto racing away with the fruit wrapped up in his trunk while Bunga chases after him. DISNEY LION GUARD Kion Bunga & Simba Plush Stuffed Animal lot of 2 - $7.98. Eubie | Moda finds the guard, and informs them of Jasiri's capture. Its soft and hug-able. Toys are previously played with so there may be some wear, overall 233653910650 Bunga proudly demonstrates his bug eating capability, Bunga proves he can have fun with anything or anyone. At the Cliffs, the group has to jump out of the way to avoid a falling branch. Although they assume that their work is done, it turns out that Kion's sister Kiara is still in danger. Former Home(s) All is clear, aside from an impending rainstorm which Ono reports. Though dissapointed, Rani understands Kion's decision to leave, both knowing he can't stay when his home in danger. Free shipping . He dangles the honey badger, hoping that he tastes better than he smells. See more ideas about lion guard, kion, king simba. Kion agrees to enter the Outlands with Jasiri to solve the problem, and tells Bunga to let the rest of the Guard know. While Kion is enthusiastic, Bunga and the rest of the Lion Guard lack his spark, though agree nonetheless. However, Kion now knows that nothing can replace the Lion Guard working together as a team, not even the Roar. At that moment, the Mark of the Night Pride that was given to Kion by Queen Janna before her death appears on Kion's right shoulder. Marina | Sir Kirby, The Bite Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich Bunga is a trustworthy, but distracted member of the Lion Guard and is Kion's best friend. Bunga informs Kion that they'll meet them there, but Kion is adamant that it won't be necessary. The rest of the Guard arrive and, helping Beshte, move more rocks in the Roar's path. As Kion tries to sort out the situation, the Guard hears a call for help. -Ono: The shouts come from the Outlands! Bunga is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard.. Kion advises him not to mention the Zimwi to anyone else, and he agrees. King Roland II | As the hippos bellow together, Bunga states that it's scary. that there are many paintings in the lair that they have not yet found, brag about how he's the real reason the Lion Guard are so successful, Here Comes the Lion Guard / Zuka Zama Mashup, http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/exclusive-scenes-lion-guard/story?id=35109280, https://lionguard.fandom.com/wiki/Bunga?oldid=371803. Jasiri reveals that Zira and her pride of Outsiders have returned, and that Zira's children Kovu and Vitani are now fully grown. Bunga tries to catch him, but fails. Gazelles burst out of the bushes, which causes Bunga to believe that the Zimwi can fly. Honing her skills as Queen, Rani approaches their leader, Kiril, and assures him that the tigers know the rules and have agreed to respect the Circle of Life. The new Lion Guard Adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom sends young explorers on a park-wide search for the five Lion Guard characters: Kion, the fierce leader of the Lion Guard; Bunga, a brave and fearless honey badger; Fuli, a confident cheetah; Beshte, a friendly and good-natured hippo; and Ono, an intellectual egret. Teenager He's a fearless honey badger, but he is also very careless which often gets him and Kion in trouble. He fail. But, even so, he still always came to Simba's aid. Whirly Bird | The Guard notices that Ono is unable to see well. Kongwe confesses that not even she is sure how to defeat Scar, but states that "it is the patient animal that eats the ripe fruit". Rex | Friends/Allies Bunga gladly takes over, chomping down on a few. Janja (formerly), Mzingo (formerly), Cheezi (formerly), Chungu (formerly), Nne (formerly), Tano (formerly), Janja's Clan (formerly), Makuu (formerly), Makuu's float (formerly), Ushari (deceased), Reirei, Goigoi, Dogo, Makucha, Mapigano, Zira (deceased), Vitani (formerly), Nuka (deceased), Kovu (formerly), The Outsiders (formerly), Scar (deceased), Kiburi, Kiburi's float, Shupuva, Njano, Nyeusi, Mama Binterong (arch-nemesis) He is the first one to be assembled to the new Lion Guard as the bravest. In Season 3, Bunga and the Lion Guard defeat Scar after Kion summons the Great Lions of the Past. JoJo Tickle | Croaky | He agrees with Mjomba's statement that things would have been easier if they hadn't kicked the aardwolves out of the Pride Lands. Fuli disagrees, reminding Bunga that "hyenas aren't smart." Foolish person Komodo | Cedric | Species Concerned, Kion orders Ono to lead the way, and he and the Guard run off to see what's happening. It turns out to be Timon, who wants to tell them about the Zimwi, to Bunga's surprise. Having known they didn't stand a chance, the hyenas left the Outlands for the Guard. Kion knows they've won. He also has a neglect for hygiene; in this way, he is very different from his egret friend Ono. With Bunga's hair standing on end, Simba admits that Bunga did get one thing right during his performance - that he's excited to be working with the Lion Guard. More trees collapse after his words, and he refutes his statement. He feels that nothing can cheer him up until Ono brings in some termites that the aardwolves saved for him. My boys love Lion Guard, and Bunga is one of their favorite characters. Kion decides to consult Simba. Bunga and Beshte lose their Mark of the Guard. Kion still doesn't believe it, so Bunga asks if he thinks it's something worse. to Kion. Powers/Skills Kion decides to save the giraffe first and leads the Guard away to Ukuni Woods. Bunga, on the other hand, has no fear of the Outlands, and gladly leaps down after calling Simba a scaredy-cat. Bunga is exasperated, as the Guard has chased out hyenas every night of the week. Mouse | Whatnaught‎ | After a short deduction, it is agreed that they are leopard tracks. Belle | Revealing herself to Bunga, Mama swears revenge on him for destroying her tuliza. Bunga then leaps down and gives advice to Zazu, receiving another half-hearted thank you from the hornbill. How to Draw Bunga from The Lion Guard step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. A young Bunga steals an egg from a young Janja, Bunga asks Kion if's he's ready to lead yet, "Does this mean you're ready to use the Roar again". When the Guard catches up, Beshte mentions that he actually thought he saw Ajabu. Bunga thinks the plan turned out quite well-for himself. However, the Tsetse Flies make travel difficult. Bunga is astounded that the Roar is capable of performing such a feat, and eagerly chants 'Do it!' Cheap Stuffed & Plush Animals, Buy Quality Toys & Hobbies Directly from China Suppliers:New The Lion Guard Kion Fuli Bunga Beshte Plush 30CM For Boys Girls Kids Stuffed Animals Toys For Children Christmas Gifts Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Abeiscool40's movie spoof of Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz Kion (The Lion Guard) as Tom Bunga (The Lion Guard) as Jerry Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph) as Dorothy Gale Patch (101 Dalmatians) as Toto Mungo (Jungle Cubs) as Tuffy The Mayor of Halloween Town (The Nightmare Before Christmas) as Professor Marvel Dr. Otto Scratchinsniff (Animaniacs) as The Doorman Ichabod … The Lion King ½: Ma | Uncle Max Screwy | As Makucha attempts to pounce on the Guard, Bunga grasps his tail, preventing him from leaping away. After deciding they need some water, Kion decides that all they need is a dark cloud and he can use the Roar to obtain water. Soren Lorenson, Little Einsteins August 2020. Apricot | Bunga is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard.. At sunset, Mama Binturong spots Bunga and Binga in the middle of a snowball fight. To help KionTo protect The Pride Lands and defend The Circle of Life (succeeded) Bunga is playing catch with one of the melons. Bunga asks if he really saw it, and the calf claims he did. Later, he tells Timon and Pumbaa along with Kiara and her friends Tiifu and Zuri about Kion being made leader of The Lion Guard and how he would have been picked for the team and sings "Zuka Zama". Once there, they see that Shingo has his neck trapped in the tree. When the gazelles reveal that they were hiding from the Zimwi, and Bunga is enthusiastic when he finds out they too think it can fly. He scorns the animals, but Kion blames the Guard. Also at times, Bunga can be clever at times seen in Return of the Roar, where Bunga used his stink to keep the gazelle away from Kiara or in Bunga the Wise, where he led the guard in damming up the lake and also in The Bite of Kenge, where he used the moniter lizard's anger against him. They don't see the leopard, but Ajabu soon runs past and Bunga and Ono finally see the okapi. Rani agrees to the plan, saying she needs all the help she can get now that she's both Queen and leader of the Night Pride. Later, Fuli manages to sniff out Bunga in a log, startling him with a low growl. He is the deuteragonist ofThe Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and in Seasons 1 and 2 The Lion Guard. Quita Moz, Miles from Tomorrowland Mr. Dos | Queen Miranda | Francisco | The two continue their playing their game of baobab across the plains, but soon the baobab rolls off into the Outlands. Kion is slightly annoyed at Bunga and asks why he and Ono don't believe him. His inner ears are pink, and his nose is dark-magenta. With the danger finally gone, Beshte introduces Ajabu to his friends. Later. Bal Boa, Higglytown Heroes The Lion Guard Games; Animal Games; Disney Channel Games; Skill Games; Description. Soon, Simba arrives with his family, and the event begins, with the Guard singing "May There Be Peace", and telling the tale of Askari, the first Lion Guard leader, and how he brought peace between the elephants and lions, agreeing to protect each other and everyone who obeys the Circle of Life. Jelly Otter | Upon reaching the end, Fuli makes a final sprint to the finish line, winning the race and earning Kion's Lion Guard their first victory. Bunga mentions that Ono's eyesight won't make him the Keenest of Sight anymore, but then Ono suggests Anga to take his place. Timmy | On learning of Kion and Rani's weaknesses, Mama leaves as she begins to form a plan. Zowie Polie | Yabba | Flying above, Anga realizes that the Wall is actually holding back a great big lake and, horrified, tries to get Kion to stop roaring. The gazelles are not panicky, so Bunga helps drive them out into the open. He has large front teeth with a prominent gap in between them. Kion questions the hippo, and the honey badger informs Kion that he has an imaginary friend. Created by Ford Riley. At a cliff overlooking the fight, Rani allows Kion to take care of things, saying she trusts him as he prepares to use the Roar. Goliath | He uses this phrase quite frequently and is eager to share what it means to others. After being questioned about Beshte's whereabouts, Kion calls over to him. Beshte meanwhile is covered in flowers, which have caused him to become sticky, much to Ono's worry. Bunga follows the guard during their Morning Patrol and directs the crocodiles to their hibernation cave. Meanwhile, Simba and Rafiki overhear the Roar. Mouse over to Zoom- … Kion (best friend), Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Kiara, Simba, Nala , Rafiki, Pridelanders, Pua, Basi, Jasiri, Timon, Pumbaa, Makini, Anga, Ajabu, Janja, Twiga, Mbuni, Mbeya, Ma Tembo, Muhimu, Hamu, Majinuni and Hafifu, Juhudi, Kovu (possibly), Vitani, Makuu, Makuu's float, Kopa, Dhahabu, Binga (love interest), Rani After Simba points out the importance of the lessons, the two take their fun into the Pride Lands to avoid further disturbances. FOR SALE! Male Ono glances at the Mark of the Guard on his shoulder before looking up at his friends with gratitude, finally coming to terms with his self-worth and his role as the Smartest, as Kion declares Ono will always be a part of the Lion Guard. Coochie | Bunga met Timon and Pumbaa when he was younger. Starting the race, Kasi is seen using her energy too quickly while Fuli paces herself. He hears Fuli cry his name and emerges from the broken remains of the tree, eating some more termites. The Roar causes a flood to appear in the distance, with Kion telling the others to get on the tree and hold on tight. Kion, the son of King Simba and Queen Nala, is the leader of the Lion Guard. She stops the game, calling for Ono, Beshte, and Kion to check them out. Anga | Later, the Guard help Mbeya escape from the mud. The Lion Guard is out on patrol. Tunip | Makucha and Ora attack Kion and Bunga. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. Bunga quickly grabs an egg and, after a bit of a struggle, Simba and the Guard manage to save them all. After she threatens to harm Binga, Bunga faces off and beats the binturong, causing Binga to say that Bunga is "Bing-credible", similar to Bunga's "Un-Bunga-lievable" catchphrase. Despite being friends with Kion, she is somewhat resentful of the lions for lording over the Pride Lands, was skeptical about Kion's Roar of the Elders, and hates water. Little B (by Beshte)Little Mongoose (by Muhimu & Dhahabu)Silly Honey Badger (by Muhimu & Mama Binturong)Bunga the Wise (by Pride Landers)Odd Little Hedgehog (by Muhimu)Bravest (by All)Pesky Varmint (by GoigoiMorsel (by Janja)Chosen One (by Domog's pack)Smelly hedgehog (by Jiona)Mister Bunga & that Bunga (by Mama Binturong). Bunga is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa, adopted brother of Simba, the best friend of Kion and the deuteragonist in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard, both based on the 1994 film The Lion King. Coo | Bunga has blue-grey fur with white hair from the top of his head down to his tail. Rani, though, makes it clear they've can't since they're patrolling around the clock keeping the Army at bay. A gecko named Hodari halts their actions, explaining how the crocodiles are merely training to improve their techniques. Laughing, Janja asks him who is going to stop them. Realizing Beshte won't fit, the group considers going back to the slow route, though Kion refuses. Disgruntled, the Lion Guard take off again to deal with them. They find the cave where the aardwolves are hiding, and Bunga decides that a good plan is for him to go in alone. The Lion King (2019): Simba (2019) | Nala (2019) | Timon (2019) | Pumbaa (2019) | Rafiki (2019) | Zazu (2019) | Mufasa (2019) | Sarabi (2019), Television The rest of the Guard chased after Bunga, with Nyota questioning her position on the Guard now that the honey badger was claiming to be the smartest animal. George | Wanting to help, Kion offers to have the Lion Guard patrol during the day while the Night Pride rests, allowing them to return to patrolling only at night. PB&J Otter Twinkle | The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. On the way back to the Pride Lands, Kion begins to fall behind due to the scar Ushari gave him. Kion then uses the Roar to move the hyenas and Besthe across, with the three enjoying the experience. The Lion Guard soon hear their laughter, and Ono uses his keen sight to confirm that the hyenas are back. Hobby Some genets come across them on their way home, and Bunga passionately terrifies them with rumors about the Zimwi before requesting that should they find the Zimwi, they keep it in place for the Guard. Kion is unprepared to go into the Oulands (due to being strictly forbidden to go there), but Bunga goes in and ends up being captured by two hyenas named Cheezi and Chungu who plot to give him to their leader Janja. She is quite prideful in her running abilities and shows extreme delight for being able to outpace a pursuer of any species. Having another idea, Kion leads Bunga and Ono into chasing the hyenas out of the herd while Fuli rounds them up and Beshte sends them flying. The Night Pride then arrives on the scene, and Mama Binturong quickly tells them the honey badgers attacked her. Kion and Bunga's game of Baobab Ball gets in the way of his lesson, much to his sister's irritation. Agreeing with Anga, Fuli tells Kion he needs to remember too, he needs to remember what makes him him. Thrill-Seeker Dimwit. Rafiki makes to leave, but Bunga begs him not to go. Calico Jack, Vampirina Together, they rush into action. Kion soon arrives, having heard their words, and tells them that he doesn't care if they're not all lions and that this was the Lion Guard for him. $13.88. Climbing aboard the tree, the group braces themselves as the water reaches them, carrying them across the river. He a good friend of Kion. He stubbornly crosses his arms and glares when Kion claims that they heard it from him. When it rolls down in front of them, Bunga shouts his catchphrase as he charges it, but it surprised to find that it is not the Zimwi, but two porcupines. Special Agent Musa | Kion tells Bunga that Kupatana isn't just a party, Bunga and Beshte tell Dogo about Kupatana, Bunga tells the pup that he can't stay there. Suddenly Askari appears in the sky in front of everyone, including both Lion Guards and Pride Landers who are stunned by Askari's appearance. Mittens | Space Boy | Princess Isabel | Declaring that the third round will involve the Keenest of Sight, Ono allows Tazama to make her pick. Bunga Baby Butter Otter, Rolie Polie Olie Bunga suggests that it just got old, and they continue towards Mekundu Cliffs. Do-Gooder The group pursues the aardwolves, calling for them. His eyes are very dark blue, with thick black eyebrows. After Simba explains to his son that it is now his turn to lead the Lion Guard, Bunga grows very excited. Mint 133584878008 This also makes Bunga the first character in a. Bunga breaks into a battle pose and declares that he'd like to meet the Zimwi. Kion leads the Guard away. Cave of secrets, here we come. He is proud to be a member, and cares for all of his friends, though he is occasionally insensitive about their feelings. Image not available. He is shown to be very adventurous and he rarely acts serious or even sits still, as he is always on the move, working off boundless energy and enthusiasm, and makes even the most dire of situations into a fantastic time. Seasons 1-2 "You kidding? Kion is skeptical, but Bunga still believes the Zimwi exists, asking Beshte if he does, too. Cub When confronted, the hyenas try to escape. During the search, Bunga calls for the Zimwi. Later, Beshte locates Mbeya, and the two are talking in the Watering Hole. Despite his shortcomings, Bunga is loyal to Kion and the Lion Guard and is always ready to help those in need. 738: Well, now that we're in season two, the Backlands will be explored soon. They return to Mizimu Grove, where Kion suggests that the show is continued but without the paint. Back in the Pride Lands, Bunga is feeling lethargic and upset. Kion | $10.00. Gregoria | Ma Tembo has her doubts, "It's Christmas. After the herd has calmed down, Bunga notices Makuu, and Kion questions him. They voice their concerns to each other since many of the Pride Landers are unaware that leopards are hunters. Rapide | Here! He asks about the "Zimwi"'s giant body, and Ono reveals that it's a termite mound, so Bunga happily goes to eat them. The event runs smoothly, until a swarm of bees suddenly arrive, chasing the elephants away. Paxton | Then, all of a sudden, Bunga and the others witness Simba reprimanding Kion for not putting different lions in the Lion Guard and treating his role as leader as a game for him and his friends to play. As they prepare, the Lion Guard enter the grove, followed shortly by Makini. Continuing the search, the group enters a woodland, where they encounter a panicky Thurston. When they find the rocks, Kion sends Beshte to smash the rocks apart. Fa Mulan | Kion then offers to escort Thurston's Herd along with Mbeya to the nearest watering hole, to which they agree. "After floodwaters threaten the Pride Lands and Bunga comes up with a quick fix, Kion and the other members of the Lion Guard learn that the quick and easy solution to a problem is not always the best." A gust of wind sweeps by, and Bunga excitedly mistakes it for the Zimwi. As a teenager, Bunga doesn't change that much except that his white fur grows longer and he has grown a bit taller. When they meet a fork in the road, Simba starts to go down the left path before being informed that they usually go down the right. When Rani notes they need to make sure Mama leaves the Tree of Life, Bunga gets Binga to join him catch Mama, at which point they spray her with their combined stink. Afterwards, Bunga and the rest of the Lion Guard (along with new member Anga, who replaces Ono as the Lion Guard's Keenest of Sight) and Makini depart the Pride Lands to seek the Tree of Life in order to heal Kion and Ono. Ono tells Beshte that he only saw him, and Beshte begins to describe Ajabu to them. Thorughout all this, Mama Binturong is seen spying on the group. He greets them cordially, but they flee. Penny | He is dubbed Bunga the Wise and starts giving out advice to the other Pride Land animals, much to the disappointment of Kion and the rest of the Lion Guard as the advice he gives out is not good. However, in Bunga and the King, he and Simba declared each other brothers. Nicknames But Makucha appears, refusing to let them take his water. In the episode "Bunga and the King", Bunga and Simba get stuck in a sinkhole and bond after learning about their shared connection of being raised by Timon and Pumbaa and consider each other to be "brothers". Ono, Fuli, and Beshte watch on, as Ono explains that Mzingo is telling the hyenas which one to attack next. He explains how the legendary eagle, Hadithi is returning. A scraping sound interrupts them, causing Bunga to cover his ears. Bunga and Ono approach the solitary hippo, and apologise. In this series, Bunga and the Lion Guard come up against their old enemy Makucha and his All in One. He likes companionship, and loneliness does not suit him. When they say they loved it, Bunga removes his paws from his ears, surprised to hear it. Eating them, he declares that he feels better already, to the Guard's amusement. Unicorn | Pocahontas | Rafiki says that there's nothing he can do about Ono's eye. Not even Fuli is able to catch up to him as he leaps across Big Ravine, leaving the Guard to watch the leopard escape on the other side. Gender Standing before the creature, Bunga orders it out of the Pride Lands. A special day we look forward to all year long". Beshte reminds him that Kion did most of the work, and Bunga agrees but notes that they had his back as he scoops more termites into his mouth. ". Fuli, and Beshte successfully retrieve two melons, passing them to Bunga. Bunga compliments Ajabu on how good he is at the game, and Beshte laughs softly. He is then alerted by Ono that Ma Tembo and the elephants are under attack and rushes off to help. Realizing Kion needs their support, the rest of the Guard go to him while a tired Rani leaves to get some rest. Turning to Kion, Rani tells him she meant what she said before, saying he and his friends will always be welcome at the Tree of Life. He has muscular forelegs and a round face. While he was eating bugs by himself and felt lonely, he encountered Timon and Pumbaa singing \"Utamu\". Bunga is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa, Kion's best friend, a former member of the Lion Guard and a current member of the Night Pride. At first, Bunga is confused. He exclaims that it is "un-bunga-lievable" before exiting the Lair. In the Outlands, Bunga expresses his appreciation at his decision to eat some termites before they left, as the barren canyon network has none. After the Lion Guard race off to find Bunga, the camera pans to the stick in the rock that was supposed to stop the flooding water from pouring out, and shows that it is starting to leak. They decide to cool off at the Watering Hole, but Kion remembers that Fuli likes to be alone and that it's okay if she'd rather not. Skeebo | Simba and Rafiki lead them both to a secret lair hidden within Pride Rock- The Lair of the Lion Guard. Thurston's Herd are stuck in the mud, and the Lion Guard soon arrive to help them.

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