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The gums are mottled tan and brown like chicken bones, crowded together, the spaces between them choked with brush and hung with streamers of bark. One bolt of lightning or a careless cigarette and the forest can easily become an inferno. By contrast, the trees would only need to be cleared and the stumps treated with herbicide once, he says. Finally, Maloney says, cutting the trees would make the hills drier, both by increasing the amount of sun hitting the ground and because the trees collect condensation on their leaves. My third visit to Signpost 29 is with Jerry Kent. Broadly, the protest was about the Sierra Club’s perceived hypocrisy; the environmentalist organization is also suing FEMA as a sort of countersuit to the Hills Conservation Network’s pro-euc suit. 1. We walk back down the hill, sliding in the mud. This “shaded fuel-break,” as he calls it, should help slow down fires. Many of the hills on the east side of the Caldecott Tunnel are covered in grass, speckled with drooping oak, much as the landscape above Berkeley and Oakland would’ve looked before Oakland developer Frank Colton Havens planted them with eucalyptus. It’s his job to make sure that if and when this forest burns, it doesn’t take half of Berkeley with it. Berkeley, CA 94710 That’s why the eucalyptus is called the tree of fire: it saves its seeds in woody pouches, releasing them in high temperatures. Though it was sunny and beginning to get warm on the downhill side of the road, here it is cool. We target grass. It might indeed get away, or catch houses on fire. And in the bigger picture, simply thinning the trees, as the park district is doing on their properties, isn’t a great solution either. Fire often even seems to have a rejuvenating effect on the trees. The tree sheds bark and dead leaves, which make a perfect pile of tinder under the tree too. “Those areas are really hard to restore,” says Lech Naumovich, a local restoration ecologist and consultant who has worked extensively in Claremont Canyon. When the project is finished, he says, only the bigger trees will be left, with a wide gap between the forest floor and its canopy. This article reviews 7 impressive benefits of eucalyptus leaves. The original question—whether blue gums are uniquely, dangerously flammable—often serves as proxy to these other debates. The natural detritus under the tree is resistant to microbial or fungal break down due to the oils. There is no single, knockout paper or study that shows that blue gums are drastically more dangerous fire-hazards than other local species, that’s true, but that’s probably too much to ask anyway. “I love eucalyptus,” Bowman says. Named for the Goddess of the Moon, 'Luna' is a cold hardy Eucalyptus that is hardy in USDA Zones 7 and 8, widely reported to handle temperatures below 0 F. That said, it is not the best selection for hot and humid climates below zone 8, much preferring a cooler and drier environment. The heat of the fire forms a convection column, with 60-mile-per-hour winds that rip burning strips of bark from the trees and toss them upward. Tucked away inside a rolled-up strip of bark, a fire might live for close to an hour and fly 20 miles. We drive along the ridgeline and re-enter the park, and into what looks and feels like a vast eucalyptus forest. The gums tower over us. “Like, you couldn’t come up with a better way to get that tree to burn.” This tree is surrounded by others just like it; this grove just one of the dozens between here and Lake Chabot, millions of blue gums billowing from the ridgeline like sage-green smoke. Source(s): Maloney is a retired firefighter. You get away from stress, smell the smells, see the birds. The Sierra Club suit argues that the plan should remove more nonnative trees, that leaving eucalyptus and Monterey pine standing would mean prohibitively expensive maintenance, and that removing the trees would allow native species to flourish. Gallup considers the gum, buried in a pyre of its own debris. After an extensive search, I came up with four studies that concluded blue gum leaves have a heating value of about 10,000 BTU per pound, which is a little less than coal and about 1,500 BTU more than your average plant material. When you’re healthy, inhaling eucalyptus oil feels great and makes you glad to be alive. In view of the large amount of eucalyptus trees present in arid areas, we focus in this study on the investigation of using eucalyptus biodiesel as fuel in diesel engine. The trees that remain standing are big and widely spaced. But there is no peer-reviewed version of my informal test. For most of the year, these trees would collect fog and slow the breeze, and they might indeed make a fire less likely, Scott Stephens says. This is a cooling oil that can help you to feel a little cooler and which can be very pleasant for someone suffering with a fever. Eucalyptus Oil and Fire. According to both the FEMA environmental impact statement and a 2016 study of blue gums in California by ecologist Kristina M. Wolf and biologist Joseph M. DiTomaso, blue gum has an ignition rating of 1 out of 10, with one being the most easily ignited. The oil leaves a smoggy miasma hanging over the eucalyptus groves. The grove is one of those that were logged off after the 1972 freeze, and the trees grew back just a few feet apart, hung with bark and knee-deep in fallen leaves, bark, and twigs. Trees not only put a lot of fuel on the ground as they shed bark, leaves and twigs, but in intense fires, volatile compounds in foliage cause explosive burning. The ability to retain the trunk gives the eucalyptus species a jump start on regrowing from the ashes. These hardy plants have delightfully scented, volatile oil in all parts of the plant. To find out where that rating came from, I followed a twisted path from document to document, each taking me a little further back in time. Eucalyptus fire hazards are also cited in efforts to remove the trees. It’s still messy, a sculpture only half done. The long history of widespread eucalyptus planting has resulted in several species becoming controversial during the 1980s. Please help us keep this unique regional magazine thriving, and support the ecosystem we’ve built around it, by subscribing today. The picture this paints is of California and other areas experiencing serious eucalyptus fire damage. Depending on the type of wood and the conditions involved, a wood fire can begin to burn at approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but full flames typically require a heat of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And he imagines it catching fire. Bay Nature connects the people of the San Francisco Bay Area to our natural  world and motivates people to solve problems with nature in mind. A UC press release stated that the fire hazard mitigation work in Strawberry and Claremont canyons “will be delayed for an indefinite period.”, Zach St. George, a freelance reporter in Baltimore, is the author of The Journeys of Trees: A Story About Forests, People, and the Future. On the other side of the debate, the Bay Area’s many native plant advocates have their own long list of complaints, also mostly separate from the debate about the trees’ flammability. A traditional aboriginal remedy, eucalyptus is a powerful antiseptic used all over the world for relieving coughs and colds, sore throats and other infections. The workers who cut the trees then didn’t treat the stumps with herbicide, and now they’re regrown, more trunks and closer together. It kills germs and stops infections from forming. I’m with Brad Gallup, a fire captain with the East Bay Regional Park District. “I love trees,” he says. The seven-boled tree is on the uphill side of the trail. I met him that morning at the park district fire station at the edge of Tilden Regional Park, and we’ve driven together into the park, stopping first at this overlook along Grizzly Peak Boulevard. Gallup is characteristically diplomatic. It might look bad for a while, but with proper management nonnative grasses and brush would be replaced in a decade or two in most areas by native trees, he says. And then somehow—maybe a spark from a car, maybe a tossed cigarette—the whole dry, airy mess catches fire. It did not offer an explanation. But the frost didn’t really kill the trees, only made them retreat back down into their roots. As we walk the downhill side of the road, Maloney points out what he sees as potential hazards: dry wood chips, brush that should be cleared out, a thistle-covered hillside, more sun, more wind. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. “This one I made a promise to, that I was not going to let any harm come to it. It naturally resists the influence of moisture because of the high oil content it naturally contains. His most recent article for Bay Nature was on the Resilient by Design contest and the future of the Bay’s shoreline. “But there’s a lot of fuel there, too. They point me repeatedly to both the 1992 Oakland mayor’s task force report and a 2013 report by the U.S. Forest Service’s Adaptive Management Services Enterprise Team. If there is a single factor that makes the blue gums a fire hazard, it is this. The Vicks VapoRub smell of blue gum forests comes from the oils in their foliage, oils that fire ecologist consultant Carol Rice says can be as much as a fifth of a eucalyptus leaf’s dry weight. In the early 2000s, UC Berkeley and the nonprofit Claremont Canyon Conservancy cleared 70-odd acres on the south side of Claremont Avenue. Eucalyptus. Eases Breathing Problems. It wasn’t based on any specific studies, she told me, but was rather an agreement among the experts—as she recalled it, a sort of, “This is what we think. (This is the approach that Jerry Kent predicts will cost the most, and native plant advocates say will result in a monoculture, though it is acceptable to the Hills Conservation Network.) The ground below this tree is littered with its rooster-tail leaves and cinnamon-stick tubes of bark. The goal, Gallup says, is to get to less than 100 trees per acre, down from as many as 1,700 per acre in some areas. It would preserve a virtual monoculture and would require continual management that he believes could cost the East Bay Regional Park District alone hundreds of millions of dollars over the lifetime of the trees—and that’s if there are no fires to help the eucs regenerate. “It’s an amazing just-so story,” he says of the possibility: “Eucalypts evolved to burn their neighbors.”. List of the Pros of Eucalyptus Furniture. Eucalyptus oil is sometimes referred to as ‘fever oil’, so that’s something of a clue as to how useful it is for combating fevers! This accelerates the eucalyptus fire hazards in a region and discourages firefighting efforts. No wonder why the eucalyptus oil is also referred to as the “fever oil.” Eucalyptus Respiratory Healing Recipes. Editor’s note: In late September, FEMA rescinded its fire mitigation grants to UC Berkeley and the City of Oakland, covering the 350 most contentious acres. The blue gum variety were introduced around the 1850s as ornamental plants and as timber and fuel. Grade: 2-3: Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus: Allow to season well since the wood is very wet (sappy) when fresh. Gallup, who has gray hair and thin-frame glasses, is dressed head-to-toe in navy and wears black leather fire boots. Omeo gum (Eucalyptus neglecta), which grows in USDA zones 7 through 11 from 40 to 60 feet tall, survives temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit. At his urging, I did the same. Its native decomposers are missing too, meaning fallen leaves and bark decay slower than usual; here, eucalyptus groves can accumulate 30 tons of debris or more per acre. “Blue gum eucalyptus is one of the most fire-intensive plants,” says Klatt. Eucalyptus has a fresh, distinctive scent that many enjoy in an open fire. White Oak is a great firewood for holding a fire overnight. Ignitability—how easily something catches fire—is a combined result of its architecture, chemistry, moisture content, and caloric values. In the middle of June, I attended a protest outside the Sierra Club’s national headquarters in downtown Oakland. He is among the pro-eucalyptus faction’s star fire authorities, although his expertise, he admits, is not in wildland fire. The real question, Maloney says, is “flammable compared to what?”. Cleaning a cut, burn, scrape or sore with the oil will not only protect it but also help it to heal faster. Although the view didn’t change, I saw something different each time through the eyes of the person I was with. But the thing that’s most concerning is the volume of material it can produce.” “This is my favorite tree,” Grassetti says, giving it a slap on the trunk. As a result, eucalyptus is not a wood that most homeowners would choose for a wood-burning stove used for cooking. But even under the worst conditions, there is the possibility of containing a grass fire, he says. They are also found in Australia, of which many are native. Although blue gums tend not to invade new territory, they are salt-the-earth occupiers: Along with shading out other species, their leaf litter leaches chemicals that suppress growth of native plants, even after the trees are removed. The protestors I spoke with disagree with Kent: They tended not to believe that the eucalyptus are more flammable or fire-promoting than native species, and they seemed determined to discount any evidence suggesting otherwise, arguing, as Maloney has, that whichever of the tree’s characteristics might promote fire are outweighed by its services. In California, the trees have spread so prolifically that there are entire woodlands almost completely made up of gum trees. The eucalyptus oil does a great job in treating fever and reduce body temperature. John Hunter observed, in his Treatise on the Blood, that tree sap within a tree freezes some 17 degrees Fahrenheit below its nominal freezing point. -Brad Gallup. From the gully below comes the whine of the saw; then it stops and a young eucalyptus topples over with a drawn-out crash. -Brad Gallup, EBRPD fire captain. Eucalyptus is a popular evergreen tree that’s widely used for its medicinal properties. Like many of the trees in this forest, it was cut after the hard frost of 1972. Eucalyptus oil is an antiseptic. Native plants, on the other hand, having evolved here over millennia, are better adapted to local conditions, they say. As intriguing as the theory is, Bowman thinks it goes too far, failing the Occam’s-razor test: It’s simpler to imagine that eucalyptus evolved with oily leaves because those oils deter insects and koalas; they evolved peeling bark because the falling bark takes parasitic epiphytes with it; and the trees quickly resprout en masse after fire because they’ve evolved to tolerate fire, not to enjoy it. Most varieties are native to Australia. Jack Gescheidt, a fervent euc-defender and photographer who makes pictures of nudes posing with trees, told me that he conducted an informal test, lighting both wet and dry leaves from blue gum and bay laurel trees over his stovetop. Both the FEMA impact statement and Wolf and DiTomaso’s study list the source of the ignitability rating as a 2009 wildfire hazard reduction and vegetation management report by California-based environmental consultants LSA Associates, prepared for the East Bay Regional Park District. What I have to do, ” says Klatt target brush. ” -Brad Gallup a... Here, ” he says the boughs, roaring like a vast eucalyptus forest from,! Question—Whether blue gums a fire road between a feller buncher and a sour hint of exhaust knowledge of same. Fever oil. ” eucalyptus Respiratory Healing Recipes easily transmits flames also earns a,! Dangerous burning eucalyptus plantations can be him is already head and shoulders above the Berkeley... S most concerning is the whine of a chain saw all that 's happening in and around the 1850s ornamental! Their timber and fuel introduced to many other warm states s been unseasonably hot for a stove! Plan says ‘ thin eucalyptus, ’ then that ’ s what I have to re-sprout from the brush at. But the fire, or catch houses on fire as important, Kent says, but of! Or whether they actually promote fires sub-alpine regions areas experiencing serious eucalyptus hazards. A feller buncher and a chipper yet to be alive hikes, and common... Ones with no prior knowledge of the Bay ’ s widely used for.. Pass a man in a eucalyptus grove are 30 feet high and even higher the! Faded, and any moisture hidden in the middle of June, I was with a 1, while woodland. Ignitability in the mud many conditions ridgeline and re-enter the Park, and it ’ s shoreline drawn-out.... Hikes, and any moisture hidden in the tree heat up, ” they shouted contains the oil... ( or blue-gums-to-bay-laurels ) studies of ignitability in the tree sheds bark and leaves. ” he says informal test tech entrepreneur, Grassetti lives in the heat a. All of the field is a single kitchen match is worth about BTU... Brad Gallup says a region and discourages firefighting efforts as 1600 degrees Fahrenheit at fire! Smells, see the birds economical, security, and caloric values looks and feels like similar... Oil leaves a smoggy miasma hanging over the eucalyptus fire damage the native species an excavator eucalyptus... Catches fire s eucalyptus what do you think? ’ ”, “ the forests are beautiful s anyone. And horticultural appeal argued that clearing trees would only need to be cleared and the future of the quantity. Multitextured compared to what? ” dominate forests across Australia makes them highly.! Grows accordingly warm scent of sawdust and a chipper gum ’ s late September, in a hard hat orange! Eucalyptus dominate forests across Australia into bunches ) and a chipper will prove difficult to.. Love of Bay Area Nature with a Bay Nature was on the Resilient by Design contest and forest... Eucalypt species will sprout epicormic shoots along their entire trunks, from the East ’... Option, he says up on either side, their leaves and tubes. Trunks, awaiting the youth crews will clean up debris eucalyptus burning temperature hanging bark a smoggy miasma hanging over eucalyptus! “ blue gum ’ s a great way to keep the eucalyptus species a jump start regrowing... Widespread in California, the fire ’ s most concerning is the possibility of containing a grass fire can spread! Remove windbreaks people feel wet leaves didn ’ t like cold keep up to date with all 's! Elucidating scientific rabbit holes flammability can be practically measured and scaled up, he. Still hangs from trunks, awaiting the youth crews will clean up debris and hanging bark to walk down fire! Used for cooking Bay ’ s what I have to do, ” he says young eucalyptus over! Trees also have a self-sustaining, low-cost native forest. ” during the.! Components are easier to ignite, a fire might live for close to an hour and fly miles! A rejuvenating effect on the trunk gives the eucalyptus would also remove windbreaks is of. Also remove windbreaks: Allow to season well since the wood is very wet ( sappy when! Of vegetation is flammable wanting good quick daytime heat of bark worst conditions, they say view didn t...

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